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Share the fun and learning!

Group lessons can be a social way to learn music! Either sign up as a Friends & Family Group, or register for a Community Group Lesson. Currently available online only.

Choose from guitar, voice, song-writing, music theory, drums, or music technologies (drums and music tech are limited to 2 students)

Friends & Family Groups- meet up at a friend's house and relax with a cuppa while your children have an online Group Lesson nearby, or form a siblings' group or even parent/child lessons!

Community Group Lessons- register with us for an online group lesson, letting us know the instrument, student's age, and preferred day and time, and we'll match you with the right group for you

We keep group sizes small from 2 to 4 students, to maintain a high quality learning experience. 

For Young Ones' Online Group Singing Lessons- 6 to 8 year olds, please click on the Lesson Prices button below for more details

For online classroom lessons (up to 10 students) in music theory, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Group Lessons: Service
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